Steve Hill Is A FRAUD

Steve Hill – Financial Scammer at Sinclair James, Manila

Steve Hill stole my money.  All of it.  Many other people’s too.  This is the tale of how I got duped out of everything I owned by a dastardly financial advisor in Manila, Philippines.

As an American newly arrived in Manila, I joined a website called INTERNATIONS so I could meet like-minded expats also living and working in Manila.  Steve Hill, the InterNations Manila “Ambassador” was quick to contact me and seemed an approachable friendly helpful guy.  Little did I suspect Steve Hill used InterNations as a cover to groom unsuspecting new arrivals to Manila in order to fleece them of every cent they own.

Steve Hill works at Sinclair James International Corporation, which supposedly provides financial advice to expats just like me.  Steve Hill showed me around Manila, introduced me to other expats, hosted the InterNations parties, and helped me in whatever way he could.  How lucky I thought I was to meet such a helpful person as Steve Hill.  Lucky me!  It wasn’t long before Steve Hill broached the subject of me coming into the Sinclair James office at Salcedo Village and chatting about how Sinclair James could help me with my finances.  I could trust Steve Hill, after all, he was British – the pinnacle of financial accountability.

Over time, Steve Hill along with Michael Whiting at Sinclair James won over my trust and guaranteed my hard earned savings would be safe.  None of their investment schemes could go wrong as they were guaranteed, they said.  I eventually put every dollar I owned in the world into their various ventures.  I thought I was being smart by not putting all my money into one investment.  Spread your risk by investing in multiple investments so if one fails, you haven’t lost everything.  That’s my motto.  With hindsight what I can now add to that motto is: *Multiple investments with multiple financial advisors.

Every single investment Steve Hill convinced me to put my money into turned out in one way or another to be a scam.  Every one, bar none.  Centaur Buttonwood was just one of the several investments that was an elaborate Ponzi scheme.  Every investment offered by Sinclair James eventually disappeared with all my money.  Each investment collapsed, each with a uniquely interesting excuse but the end result of each one was I lost everything. Every cent.  I’m too far through my working life to be able to recover what was lost. Steve Hill got his commission and currently lives well on my proceeds.

Sinclair James operates by using Steve Hill to prey on fresh expats via InterNations Manila and becoming their seemingly helpful friend.  He exclusively targets Western expatriates for his own financial needs.  And the scary thing is, Steve Hill from Sinclair James is STILL USING InterNations events to this very day to steal money from newly arrived expatriates.

Everything was stolen from me.  Make no mistake, I didn’t lose my money.  It was stolen.

Brendan Terrill, mastermind of Centaur Buttonwood ponzi scam – ARRESTED. Steve Hill Next?

Finally this true piece of filth has been caught by UK police. Full details here:
Here’s hoping that Steve Hill, also associated with the Centaur Buttonwood ponzi scam and also distributes child pornography is arrested next. Keep running Steve Hill. Keep looking over your shoulder. The law is going to get you.

Steve Hill – On The Run in Vietnam

Steve Hill has run for his life from Manila after stealing millions of dollars from duped investors. Steve Hill is now in Vietnam and restarted his old scam of befriending people via Internations ( He grooms people via Internations, organises Internations get-togethers, then suggests they invest with his financial company before stealing their money and moving on to the next country.

Steve Hill originally came to Manila after scamming people in China and has now escaped to Vietnam. Do not trust this man. Steve Hill is a criminal.

Please help! Does anyone have access to an Internations account? I don’t have access but can see Google is reporting Steve Hill is up to his old tricks grooming people on the Vietnamese Internations forums. Can you log in to Internations and search for “Steve Hill” and let us know what you find. What city in Vietnam is he in? Has he once again become an Internations Ambassador? Can you post some of his scammy forum messages here?

Steve Hill – Expatch Scam

DANGER. Steve Hill is now editing which is another way for him to groom new arrivals to the Philippines out of their wealth. Steve Hill already uses Internations to locate and scam foreigners into investing large sums of money into investments that sooner or later disappear. The front company is named “Sinclair James” in Salcedo Village run by Michael Whiting and preys on newly arrived foreigners. With Steve Hill now editor of there is an even higher level of danger to foreigners arriving in Manila. The way Steve Hill works is to find new arrivals, welcome them to Manila, get them talking about investments, followed by an invite to the Sinclair James offices whereby scam investments are strongly pitched to the new arrival. The money is eagerly taken and never seen again. All money is lost. This is how Steve Hill has been using Internations for many years to his advantage and now

I am not saying is a scam, I am saying Steve Hill is using a good cause to his own distasteful advantage.

You have been warned.