Steve Hill Is A FRAUD

Steve Hill – Financial Scammer at Sinclair James, Manila

Steve Hill stole my money.  All of it.  Many other people’s too.  This is the tale of how I got duped out of everything I owned by a dastardly financial advisor in Manila, Philippines.

As an American newly arrived in Manila, I joined a website called INTERNATIONS so I could meet like-minded expats also living and working in Manila.  Steve Hill, the InterNations Manila “Ambassador” was quick to contact me and seemed an approachable friendly helpful guy.  Little did I suspect Steve Hill used InterNations as a cover to groom unsuspecting new arrivals to Manila in order to fleece them of every cent they own.

Steve Hill works at Sinclair James International Corporation, which supposedly provides financial advice to expats just like me.  Steve Hill showed me around Manila, introduced me to other expats, hosted the InterNations parties, and helped me in whatever way he could.  How lucky I thought I was to meet such a helpful person as Steve Hill.  Lucky me!  It wasn’t long before Steve Hill broached the subject of me coming into the Sinclair James office at Salcedo Village and chatting about how Sinclair James could help me with my finances.  I could trust Steve Hill, after all, he was British – the pinnacle of financial accountability.

Over time, Steve Hill along with Michael Whiting at Sinclair James won over my trust and guaranteed my hard earned savings would be safe.  None of their investment schemes could go wrong as they were guaranteed, they said.  I eventually put every dollar I owned in the world into their various ventures.  I thought I was being smart by not putting all my money into one investment.  Spread your risk by investing in multiple investments so if one fails, you haven’t lost everything.  That’s my motto.  With hindsight what I can now add to that motto is: *Multiple investments with multiple financial advisors.

Every single investment Steve Hill convinced me to put my money into turned out in one way or another to be a scam.  Every one, bar none.  Centaur Buttonwood was just one of the several investments that was an elaborate Ponzi scheme.  Every investment offered by Sinclair James eventually disappeared with all my money.  Each investment collapsed, each with a uniquely interesting excuse but the end result of each one was I lost everything. Every cent.  I’m too far through my working life to be able to recover what was lost. Steve Hill got his commission and currently lives well on my proceeds.

Sinclair James operates by using Steve Hill to prey on fresh expats via InterNations Manila and becoming their seemingly helpful friend.  He exclusively targets Western expatriates for his own financial needs.  And the scary thing is, Steve Hill from Sinclair James is STILL USING InterNations events to this very day to steal money from newly arrived expatriates.

Everything was stolen from me.  Make no mistake, I didn’t lose my money.  It was stolen.


58 thoughts on “Steve Hill Is A FRAUD

    If you want advise or a second opinion on your current portfolio get in touch.
    Tony Medcalf


    • Steve is a decent guy trying to make a life. We can’t win them all. I asked my brocket to put 30 k on ya I lil insider tip. If he’d had done his job I’d have many more millions,, albeit had I sold in time

      It’s called due dulligence people. DD. Do ur homework. Can u blame anyone but ur selves? I couldn’t. Take some responsibility. Seriously. It’s ur hard earned money. Ur gonna give it to someone cause they charmed you? Looked good,, DUE DILLIGENGECE. YALL GOT NOBODY TO BLAME BUT YOURSELVES. SERIOUSLY. THIS STEVE BASHISHING IS BEYOND STUPID



    • Sinclair James International is operating illegally in Philippines. They are a HK company and not registered with Philippine SEC to sell investments or give investment advice. Michael Whiting uses his Makati office as a front to sell unregulated/Ponzi scheme investments in fact this office is supposed to be an administration office only. BIR and SEC are only days away from raiding his office and locking up Whiting and Co.

      Knock knock Mr. Whiting…


  2. As an American you shouldn’t have been advised to invest in this or any other investment that is domiciled outside of the USA. The IRS calls a non US investment a PFIC which stands for “passive foreign investment company” and are hugely taxed as the US government considers them “toxic”. While I think you will struggle to get your lost money back surely there must be a legal course of action you can take against Sinclair James for what was terrible advice.

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  3. I’m sorry this happened to you. I also met SH in Manila at a networking event and I thought he was a creep. And how anyone with cheap shoes and cheap clothes could talk about wealth management, I don’t understand. I’m Scottish, so perhaps I can recognise a patronising, Englishman like SH better than others.

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  4. That guy is an annoying **** who always seems to call at the least convenient times. My secretary has been told to give him a standard answer no matter what, even if I’m sat in my office doing bugger all – “not available. ” and she is told don’t bother taking a message.

    That twat bag is going to get spanked eventually.


  5. Steve Hill fled to Vietnam and replicates his bullshit service to westerns over there. Rumor has it he can’t come back to Manila due to a “take out” order paid for by one of the many he fleeced. Send an email and ask Steve when he is coming back to get his due.


  6. I have had a very similar experience with Sinclair James one of their advisors has ruined me financially and I have either lost or at risk of losing all money I have ever heard. Once again their salesman I met in Qatar seemed to be such a nice guy who appeared to have my best interests at heart in reality he signed me up to awful scheme’s in which I have lost mine and my family’s cash.

    Perhaps we can develop a consortium to obtain our money? please get in touch if you have had a similar experience.

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    • If he’s a fat bald headed jock who wears bottle top glasses I saw him to. He tried to have me invest 60% of my salary in to some scheme that I could get all my money back after 24 mths. I did not do it as I smelt BS & felt he was very insincere.

      It all looked self-serving to me.


  7. I just have to leave a message here. All of a sudden something makes sense. A friend of mine took me to an internations event. A while later I got a call from Sinclair James re guarding financial advice. I asked them how they got my number and they said they are very well connected in the Manila financial world and they have many lists but never mentioned internation. They called me many many times so finally I decided to go down to their office. Not a bad office however all the info they give is all through other companies. Lots of off-shore investments that are tricky to look-up but everything is tax free and can access it all with an ATM card. I got busy doing other things and didnt go back. Then about a 2 months later another string of calls trying to set up another meeting. I sounded like a good opportunity so I decided to try and investment with them. Another friend of mine stopped me just before and said to do checked on anyone else who invested with them first. Then I saw this post.

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  8. Steve Hill & buddy Michael Whiting have been relieving expats of millions bucks. They’ve been working a scam together directly related to this post.

    This quick internet search unearthed the following about aforementioned.

    Interestingly enough you will note; no new update on figures since 11/2013. Is this another SCAM run by Michael Whiting under his Sinclair James umbrella?

    Did anyone else purchase Michael Whiting’s dodgy Ascenta Fund only to be told “money invested has disappeared”

    Steve Hill – international tramp & con-artist

    Michael Whiting- international bankrupt fraudster


  9. Word on the street is Michael Whiting is bankrupt. Sinclair James is a company that cannot meet its financial obligations along with its owner.

    Steve Hill is running a visa scam in cahoots with Mr. Whiting.

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  10. Porton Group is the latest blow up from Sinclair James.

    Numerous Sinclar James Approved Funds “imploding” with clients losing their cash.

    Just plain unlucky or has Michael Whiting had a helping hand in the demise?

    I am hearing this investment was out and out Ponzi except nobody every received a outward remittance, except fund promotors like Sinclair James which I believe was in the region of 15-20%. Rather high considering “normal fund commissions” are 3-6% max.

    Would this not set the Alarm Bells ringing?

    Ask Tony

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  11. I feel these comments about me are totally unjust.

    I was only doing my job and following my bosses orders.

    Everybody has to make a living, don’t begrudge me one.

    I sold Sinclair James investments with good intentions, if I knew they were all ponzi schemes I’d have sold double the amount.

    From my understanding the scams continue at Sinclair James. The latest scam being Michael Whiting moving all rotten previously sold funds to SJI investors into TAM international and.. wait for it.. getting paid 6% for the privilege.

    Let’s get this straight, Michael Whiting sells millions $’s of rotten investment funds that fail miserably in client portfolios (Yes). All this money is now “illiquid” (Yes) so Michael Whiting can’t earn a dime (yes). Then along comes TAM International (Yes) Mr Whiting moves a client portfolio valued @ $700,000 with $500,000 of locked up investments like LM, London & Capital, Axiom, Mansion, Premier New Earth, Centaur.

    Sinclair James are now paid 5% “professional fee” + 2.00% AMC =7% Year 1 $700,000 PPB = commissions $49,000 (Thank you very much:) TAM receive 0.50% p.a out of the 2.00% AMC & nothing out of the 5% up front fee which Sinclair James inform investors is “TAM Professional Fee”. All lies.

    Prior to this Sinclair James will have already been paid 8% on opening the PPB (wrapper)+ up to 6% on all the funds which later crashed. so $700,000 8+6= 14%= $98,000 + $49,000 (from TAM) =$147,000 USD Gross Commissions


    Ask Steve

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  12. I am in the UK and I have been screwed over by a consultant from Sinclair James for a very large sum of money. I want to take legal action against these bastards in the Philippines. Can anyone advise? recommend some decent reasonably priced lawyers? Anyone want to join in and take a group action?

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  13. Why the frigging heck don’t you all do something about it instead of moaning?

    Seems like there are many complaints about Sinclair James on Internet forums. I heard that Graham Wilkes was a u undischarged UK bankrupt. Owing people money all over the place, same like Michael Whiting.


  14. This is interesting information. I am living in Makati since a few years now and have been approached by three similar investment companies according to similar scheme. Did anyone here heard about the DeVere Group that is doing investments with Royal London?


    • I am a financial adviser been in the industry 34 years I am a permanent resident here and have lived here for 16 years. It really is a buyer beware situation, unfortunately because the Philippines is not regulated people get away with giving NOT GOOD ADVISE FOR THE CLIENT.
      If you want to look me up check out linked in Tony Medcalf or email me [REMOVED]
      If it seems too good to be true it generally is.


      • Tony- 3 QUESTIONS

        1. Is it true that Sinclair James have been selling toxic investments to their clients & continue to cause them financial loss, hardship and misery?

        2. Is it also true that Graham Wilkes is an undischarged UK Bankrupt that ran away from his Director obligations?

        3. Is it true Graham Wilkes advertised his past UK Directorship on LinkedIn for all and sundry to see and check?

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      • I have never done business with the company or the person you are asking questions about.
        My previous comments are intended to enlighten people not try to bring down either businesses or people. Financial Services is a very complex industry and the average person accepts all too easily what they are told hence BUY BEWARE.
        I am not making my comments in this blog to hurt the company or the individuals mentioned they have done nothing to me so I can’t comment on any miss deeds true or false my comments are general and made from experience of previous messes I have cleared up for clients put into these types of situations. My personal beef is with the Life companies they should take a hard line to drive the bad apples out of the business never to be employed again but as I said previously there are too many self interests so it will never happen. A bad adviser can move from company to company and country to country and continue plying their trade I just wish someone had the balls to clean the industry up. Then the stories we hear and read about would happen less frequently and my industry would start to gain some respect.


      • Hey Tony, this where you been hiding, the Philippines? Such a crime-ridden country, poverty stricken and many child-molestors. Why would someone wish to live in such a rotten flee-pit?

        Are you still good friends with Wilkes and Co.? This bastard has perfected the art of ripping off customers, like you he’s been ‘at it’ for many years here.


  15. When considering Sinclair James, DeVere Group,Globaleye and other “wealth management” companies the same rule should apply – Unless you fully understand the financial products that you are buying and the risks and fees involved, walk away.

    As demonstrated in this forum, you can not expect the sales person you met at an InterNations function to have your best interests at heart. They are simply driven by the commission they’ll receive on a sale and the commission and fees that their employer will receive who will then continue to employ them. It’s unlikely that the sales person even understands the products that they are selling, they simply follow “formula selling” techniques. Many of the financial products on offer were designed for professional institutional investors not private investors and even the professionals can struggle with the complexity of how such investments are put together.

    Unless you do your own due diligence and risk assessment you are buying a pig in a poke from a man you met in the pub. And as far as that man in the pub is concerned it’s entirely your fault if you brought an unsuitable or even fraudulent product, and not his fault for selling it to you in the first place.

    Financial regulators worldwide vary, but even in the most modern industrialized countries they are often so far behind the ball that by the time they get to the changing room everybody has gone home and taken the ball with them. Their teams usually lack resources and legislation to adequately police, particularly when it comes to crossing continents. A simple example concerns PPI selling in the UK, it involved UK based high street banks but it still took the best part of 10 years for the financial regulator to determine that this was mis-selling in the extreme and to make provision for the banks to refund £billions to their customers – Although that provision has also been abused by lack of regulation.

    The structure of these “wealth management” companies can also be complex, I’ll use the deVere Group as an example of a working practice:

    In 2007 deVere Group were licenced by the financial regulator in Belgium to sell insurance products, (and only insurance products), but they used this licence from their Cyprus office to sell non-insurance investments to private investors.

    They were able to do this because of an European Union rule that states because they had a financial services licence in one country they could operate in every other EU country without further vetting. This assumes all regulators are equally efficient and provide equal consumer protection.

    Two of the main investment funds that deVere were recommending to clients from their Cyprus office were the Premier Property Option fund and the Premier Diversified Property Fund. They described these funds as “low volatile” – In 2010 both of these funds were compulsorily redeemed and frozen, and losses totaled 60%.

    Investors who claimed mis-selling and tried to seek redress from the Cypriot financial regulator found that deVere’s Cypriot office did not hold its own own financial trading licence but had passported into the country via it’s Belgian licence – No help available from the Cypriot regulator then.

    As deVere was only licenced to sell insurance products in Belgium, the Belgian regulator could not compensate investors either. Some investors managed to settle privately with deVere and in 2013 deVere lost their licence to operate in Belgium – Although from their website it’s portrayed as “a European reorganization”.

    You’ll also spot the same names popping up in these companies. As deVere was being investigation by the Belgium regulator, people who left that company appeared in another
    company in Belgium, Globaleye. Same format, same sort of products.

    It took the Belgian regulator some two years to finally close down Globaleye, turns out that they didn’t have any licences for the financial investments that they were selling to clients. Certain individuals thought it prudent to relocate their lives to Globaleye HQ in Dubai. Unknown how their clients fared.

    It truly is Caveat Emptor.

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  16. Very good it is a case of buyer beware.I wish the insurance companies would take more responsibility for the agencies they dish out. Instead of using their stock answer we don’t give advise we only process the business. If there are frequent complaints from clients about a financial adviser group the insurance company should investigate and shut them down then collectively operate a black list informing the other companies this would help clean the industry up self regulating but this will never happen because they are also sales driven bottom line it’s all about new business figures Remember they don’t give advise they only process the application they don’t care.


  17. Just as a warning to potential investors, a UK publication recently put together a list of funds that have been suspended since 2009 – About £4bn (yes, billion) of savers’ money is tied up in these funds and frankly it’s not a complete list as only contains those with a UK regulator or court involvement.

    Some of these investments were of course sold through Sinclair James and similar, you can imagine the value of the commission and fees being milked along the way.

    Lessons to learn from this list of dud investments:


    • Good article link & if I’m completely honest just the tip of the iceberg for Mike Whiting & Sinclair James. He has systematically placed client money in to rotten fund after rotten fund then carries on ‘business as normal’ looking for more ways to milk the cash cow. His latest development is SINCLAIR JAMES TAM SCAM. ALl the client money he placed in these rotten investment funds are now under TAM descretionary management. Whiting charges 4% up front and 2% pa. Theses charges are additional to the existing Bond charges of 1.2% pa + $150 pq. Whiting was last seen in Burgos- trousers around his ankles and a little piña hanging off his winkle.


  18. I met a nasty little Englishman from Sinclair James, he looked like the joker in Batman. He used to go to the Cheese & Wine event at Polo Club Manila. He was always charming although I had been warned to steer clear.

    I saw him leave one evening as an old battered black car pulled up, he stretched his arms out wide like a scarecrow while his driver jumped out then proceeded to take off his jacket like some puppy dog, totally demoralizing & very ‘only fools & horses’ behavior we thought. Who does he think he is?

    What a jumped up little toad!


  19. I hear the jungle drums beating. Whispering voices in smoke filled rooms with the stench of fine Cuban cigars and crystal clear tequila. Heads will roll & consequences will be dramatic, you know who you are. The great pretenders will be on their knees meeting their adjudicators.


  20. I have noticed that Sinclair James must have employed an army of people to write totally unrelated blogs about travel and anything other than Financial Services for which they have dreadful client reviews. This is an attempt to deflect the truth from all to see what a bunch of losers they are and what they have done (thievery) to their clients portfolios.


  21. Have you invested your life savings through Sinclair James run by a UK undischarged bankrupt & failed ginger headed businessman?

    Michael Whiting stole over £100,000.00 GBP from one of his co workers and spent all the money: FACT- what kind of honourable person would do such a thing? This gives you an insight into the delusional & twisted mind of a company Director who likes to give the “impression” butter would not melt in his mouth.

    Whiting along with his parasites alone have fleeced investors out of millions of $’s. They have a shabby little office in Salcedo village where every time I visited one or more of the lifts did not work, internet was on/off, telephones work periodically as never able to get through, photocopy machines- I have been reliably informed contract has been defaulted on numerous times so Whiting bought some cheap all in one printers with substandard copy function.

    Supposedly Mike Whiting has an MBA (WTF). He has systematically stripped Sinclair James like a plague of locus of any fortunes due to his out of control personal expenditure. This is tantamount to serious gross negligence.

    If you are a SJI client reading this you will know some of the following funds I was invested in.

    LM (The great Peter Drake Australian land scam)
    Argentum/Centaur/Buttonwoon/Orion (The capital protected 15% p.a couldn’t fail scam)
    Axiom (out & out Ponzi)
    Premier New Earth (frozen/locked up)
    Mansion (frozen/locked up)
    London & Capital (Ponzi)
    Porton Group ( Harvey Bolter – not a cent of money has ever been paid out to Porton clients- Ponzi)
    Ascenta Special Sits (Mike Whitings own fund that he failed to disclose to investors)
    Ascenta Gold Bullion (another Michael Whiting fund that’s list investors 50+ %)
    This list could go on and on.

    QUESTION – is this just bad luck or has Michael Whiting had a direct hand in the downfall of funds listed above? Some have said he was paid handsome backhanders to place client money in to these sceptic funds therefore, knowing full well what would happen,. It seems strange that so many of his “Approved promoted funds” have fallen flat on their face costing clients millions $’s

    Q: Are Sinclair James a regulated company?
    A: NO

    Q: Do Sinclair James have any PI insurance?
    A: NO

    Q: Does Michael Whiting owe people money all over town?
    A: Yes

    Q: Do you have any chance of getting your money back?

    A: If you listen to Mr Whiting’s delusional lies… Of course you will :)- delaying tactics until Michael Whiting has sold the company after shifting all client monies into TAM International (another Michael Whiting scam).

    New SInclair James Scam ALERT!!!!!!!

    TAM International- Mr Whiting has found another method of shafting clients yet again. All the dodgy locked up funds in your portfolios have now been shifted in to TAM international (Discretionary Fund Managers). Michael Whiting is informing SJ clients there is a 4-5% “Professional fee for TAM, complete bollocks, this is a made up commission by Whiting to grab more of your money. So with 2% annual management fee (split 1.5% for Whiting & 0.50% TAM) you’ll be sure to lose even more money.

    THE SCAM BROKEN DOWN- SJI ARE CHARGING 4-5% ON 100% of your portfolio. If you have $500,000 INVESTED and say $400,000 is previously frozen, locked up sceptic funds by SJI (which SJ put you in the first place) you’ll be paying $35,000 in year one.

    This is a new way of MW generating maximum returns for his daughters school fees at The British School Manila & his out of control lifestyle which is financially unsustainable. MICHAEL WHITING IS A FRAUD, FAKE, HABITUAL THEIF THAT CANNOT KEEP HIS HANDS OFF OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY (FACT).

    Do you feel betrayed?
    Do you feel used & abused?

    You entrusted your life savings with a immoral bunch of sods.

    Contact the Philippine SEC and BIR to complain about these scam artists who by all accounts are operating illegally. They are all a bunch of low-life tax dodging bastards.


      • BIR = Bureau of Internal Revenue (TAX)

        SEC = Security & Exchange Commissions (investment regulators/enforcers)

        Sinclair James International is a HK registered company and is not authorised to be selling investments in Philippines. They are only registered as an administration company. You would be advised to make your complaints to the 2 government departments listed above.

        Selling dodgy investments like Argentum 100% capital guaranteed products that never existed is one of many scams headed up by Michael Whiting & Co. This is a man that accepted large brown envelopes of cash to place clients money into “investments that couldn’t FAIL”


    • Darren Brindle wears his wife’s soiled underpanties with reenforced stilettos. He does a dance around his yard while intoxicated (every day occurrence). Crossdressing homosexual.


  22. Michael Whiting enjoys spending time in seedy under-age Filipino SEX bars in the notorious red-light areas of Makati.

    His favourite catchphrase to the under-age malnourished young girls is “how my holes do you take it in.” This along with other disgusting vile taunts is all coming from a man of supposedly good standing?

    Looking from the outside with his connections to British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) one has to question why they would align themselves with such a “rotten apple.” They obviously do not know what we know about this hideous poor excuse of a man.

    I hear Whiting was replaced by Roger Lamb as soon as the embassy knew about Whitings debauched lifestyle of under age sex and thievery which continues to this day unhindered.


    • I have no idea how many people are reading this blog but!!!!!!
      In relation to your above posting you are way out of line. If you want to make accusations like this then sign it off at the end with your name so the guy has the right of reply or legal action. How would you feel if someone posted this about you and you had no way of challenging the person who wrote it? Be professional.
      While most of the writings about Sinclair James operations and practices are true and if ever challenged which we know will never happen then what has been written can be substantiated as fact by other advisors who have taken over clients from them. I have examples of things you are talking about from clients I have taken over.
      A piece of advice Keep your comments to business and things you can prove.


      • I stand by my last comments and can tell you categorically- I do not make things up. Slander is only slander when it’s fabrication, this is factual, I stand by every word.


        Ginger 3 holer


  23. I hear the little ginger is looking for another “RENT A KID’ in a bid to clean up his image again. Playing happy families is something ginger has become good at, mind you he has also perfected the art of stealing investor & co workers money.

    Would you trust him babysitting your children?


  24. 3 Holer you sound like a disgruntled employee with an axe to grind , perhaps you are steve hill in disguise??you went into business with MW and took your fees so why are you crying ?? we the investors took the pasting, i would add for other investors on here, i invested in a couple of the porton techs and i think given the DD i have done recently , there is still hope we will see something back……only time will tell


    • Whip Foosal- I doubt you will ever see a penny returned from Centaur Ponzi. This is what is was from the outset. Mike Whiting was given brown envelopes thick with cash to pile his investor cash in, this he did with a smile on his face.


      • i wasnt in centaur , it was pitched to me, but i was already in cc and ed , not ALL IN i am glad to say , but given the independent DD i have done, it was totally mis sold but it is not a scam just a lot riskier than first suggested and of course assuming we do see some money back it wont see a return if it does it will be very modest, time will tell


    • You expect to see a return from Harvey Boulter (Porton) who has been spending investors money for years? You are deluded if you seriously feel you will see any return. They paid Whiting over 20% to plough your hard-earned into the various Ponzi Funds better known as Porton.

      Michael Whiting now has the job of going along with this class action and putting some spin on it to make you believe you’ll be in a better situation, DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT?

      It will be wound up by appointed receivers and investors will end up with nothing. The same as all the other Ponzi Funds Whiting has promoted in the past, even his own which he failed to disclose was his own fund.

      Wake up & smell the coffee my friends!


    • Porton was a Ponzi like many other unregulated high risk funds that Whiting was peddling. Do you still think you’ll get your money back now? Time certainly does tell all and this fund has been exposed for the fraud it always was. Whiting kept placing your client monies even when he knew (long time before it came crashing down) the fund was ponzi- this is a fact.


  25. Can you advise in Graham Wilkes who works for you in the Philippines is a registered Financial Advisor?He has advised me on investments that have resulted in me losing money.

    I was advised to invest in Skandia and when I wanted to withdraw my US$20,000 plus I was only paid US$8700, they kept US$13,000. My Skandia account was -REMOVED-. I have not received a satisfactory explanation from either Skandia our your Philippine Agent. I need to know what has happened and why I have not been properly compensated.

    I am dissatisfied with Sinclair James and there financial advice.

    During the period of my investment over a number of years I have not had a meeting with your adviser as required every 6 months.Please investigate and provide me with a suitable response to my email address at -REMOVED- thank you


    • Wilkes and his rat-faced son used to hang around Canadian Chamber of Commerce events trawling for clients in 2011 – 2012.
      I’m sorry for those you who have been conned but, honestly, you have to ask yourself what these haggard-looking, washed-out old white guys with pot bellies are doing living in Manila with no obvious source of income or profession. Believe me there are lots of them and there are only three reasons: (a) They either can’t get laid back in England (boy or girl) or (b) they are total failures and on the run from something or (c) both a and b and SE Asia is the only part of the world where anyone will give them the time of day.
      If Wilkes was in the UK he’d be living in a council house – on the dole. Nobody would hire the guy.


  26. Steve Hill is a very strange character that looks as though he’s been dragged through a hedge backwards. He takes no pride in his appearance and doesn’t have a good hygiene standard. I thought he was a sea gypsy when i met him. He introduced me to Brian Dudley and Michael Whiting. They told me about some great investments that sounded too good to be true. 15-20% guaranteed returns they said.

    I am surprised that they still carry on their business unhindered when so my investors have lost large amounts of their wealth.

    They should all be locked up for a very long time.


  27. I hear Steve is back in UK on the peado register apparently, he was caught doing a ‘Gary Glitter…’ Do you wannabe in my gang to local kids like the pied piper.


  28. Darren Brindle & Stevie Hill used to work together stitching up clients from a sex-Pats swinging club. Brindle met his Mrs there while a couple of burley Aussies where ‘hanging out the back of her.’ He went on to marry this dim-whit with zero class or education. Rumour has it she used to work at Rouges Bar, Burgos St.



  29. Word is that Trinitas advisory is being run by Darren Brindle and Graham Wilkes. The other low-life Mike Whiting claims he’s coming back to the UK although we all know these people’s word means nothing. Scam the shit out of people, set up another. but the world is catching up with these low life’s now..


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