Steve Hill – Expatch Scam

DANGER. Steve Hill is now editing which is another way for him to groom new arrivals to the Philippines out of their wealth. Steve Hill already uses Internations to locate and scam foreigners into investing large sums of money into investments that sooner or later disappear. The front company is named “Sinclair James” in Salcedo Village run by Michael Whiting and preys on newly arrived foreigners. With Steve Hill now editor of there is an even higher level of danger to foreigners arriving in Manila. The way Steve Hill works is to find new arrivals, welcome them to Manila, get them talking about investments, followed by an invite to the Sinclair James offices whereby scam investments are strongly pitched to the new arrival. The money is eagerly taken and never seen again. All money is lost. This is how Steve Hill has been using Internations for many years to his advantage and now

I am not saying is a scam, I am saying Steve Hill is using a good cause to his own distasteful advantage.

You have been warned.


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