Steve Hill – On The Run in Vietnam

Steve Hill has run for his life from Manila after stealing millions of dollars from duped investors. Steve Hill is now in Vietnam and restarted his old scam of befriending people via Internations ( He grooms people via Internations, organises Internations get-togethers, then suggests they invest with his financial company before stealing their money and moving on to the next country.

Steve Hill originally came to Manila after scamming people in China and has now escaped to Vietnam. Do not trust this man. Steve Hill is a criminal.

Please help! Does anyone have access to an Internations account? I don’t have access but can see Google is reporting Steve Hill is up to his old tricks grooming people on the Vietnamese Internations forums. Can you log in to Internations and search for “Steve Hill” and let us know what you find. What city in Vietnam is he in? Has he once again become an Internations Ambassador? Can you post some of his scammy forum messages here?


8 thoughts on “Steve Hill – On The Run in Vietnam

  1. Steve Hill seems to act with impunity, roaming country to country using Internations events as a cover for fleecing unsuspecting expats out of their life savings. The business then goes through Michael Whiting & Sinclair James.

    Friend of mine has investments with Sinclair James, all money locked up in rotten investment funds.

    Every time they saw Whiting & Hill they always had a plausible explanation, good bull -shitters.

    Does Sinclair James hold any Company insurance, public liability?
    Are Sinclair James a regulated company?

    What authority does Steve Hill have to give financial advice?
    Did you sign any disclaimers when entering in to investments with these sharks?

    Does Michael Whiting have any assets in Philippines?

    There is always strength in numbers. I suspect many people here have a good case for gross negligence.

    Ask Tony.


  2. Yes, Stephen Hill (UK) is in the InterNations Ho Chi Minh City Community.
    His photo is of him on a very large motorbike.
    Basic member, countries listed as UK (Brighton) and Vietnam, no mention of the Philippines.


    [Name Removed]


  3. Has anyone seen Sinclair James Travel Blogs flooding the internet of late?

    Sinclair James are now writing TRAVEL BLOGS all over the internet in an attempt to distract people from the TRUTH about their shoddy little company & perverted ways.

    Disqualified Director (Wilkes), certified thief & liar (Whiting) & Alcoholic @ mental abuser (Darren Brindle)


  4. I understand Whiting has a sexual interest in the lady writing the travel blogs for him. That figures.

    It’s pretty much common knowledge that Whiting has been through many of his female staff. Yes Sir, i will drop them down and touch my toes for you Sir.. That’s of course if he can get it up. We know he has manhood problems in standing to attention. Ask Sheila she’ll tell you.


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