Brendan Terrill, mastermind of Centaur Buttonwood ponzi scam – ARRESTED. Steve Hill Next?

Finally this true piece of filth has been caught by UK police. Full details here:
Here’s hoping that Steve Hill, also associated with the Centaur Buttonwood ponzi scam and also distributes child pornography is arrested next. Keep running Steve Hill. Keep looking over your shoulder. The law is going to get you.


2 thoughts on “Brendan Terrill, mastermind of Centaur Buttonwood ponzi scam – ARRESTED. Steve Hill Next?

  1. Maybe this is how Steve Hill and BT met each other, exchanging child pornography could be the common denominator. I always had my suspicions about Steve Hill, police need to get hold of his computer and check his hard drive.

    It’s also very strange how Michael Whiting was joined to Steve Hill’s hip. Questions need to be asked. We have been asking them amongst ourselves (Makati community) for many years.


  2. Today’s lesson in how Sinclair James steal your money. We’ll use Graham Wilkes as an example.

    SJ Director Wilkes is tied into SJ because of all the clients he has accumulated over the years. These clients bring revenue to SJ & Whiting because your investments are “charged” ‘management charges and fees.’ This is one big reason why your investments go backwards.

    If you invested say $500,000 USD through SJ Mr Wilkes and Co. would be paid $40,000 USD against the $500K investment. Then Wilkes will be paid “soft commissions” for placing your investments into “funds” probably TAM. 4-5% so that’s another $25,000. So straight away your portfolio is being dragged down by untransparent commissions. You will be paying charges of 1.35% (Bond/wrapper)+ 1.5% (TAM) + other charges. SJ again are paid a large % of the onging charges which is called trail/renewals- this is paid qtrly. Mr Wilkes and Whiting divvy up this money, it pays their rent and for prostitues in Burgos which they have a taste for.
    Ongoing charges are 2.85% ($14,250). Mr. Wilkes likes to add another 2% which he calls his “Management charge” this is for 6 mthly meeting and managing your portfolio. The charges against your investment now at $24,250.00.

    Can you see how your investments are going backwards? The thievery is rampant at Sinclair James.


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